Along with comedians Chris Gau (co-creator of C5's Borderline) and Ian Thomas Day (Keith, The Free Association), I co-host and play a range of ever more stupid characters in comedy podcast Fact Up

In Fact Up, three towering intellectuals answer all of life's questions one topic at a time, armed only with a range of spurious guest 'expert' characters and curious minds. Previous guests have included Matt Jones (Breaking Bad), Liz Kingsman (Massive Dad, Timewasters), Will Hines (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Community, Brooklyn Nine Nine), Brian Jack (Cougar Town, Mad Men), Graham Dickson (Austentatious), Greg Hess (The Improvised Shakespeare Company, Cook County Social Club) and Mariam Haque (Black Mirror & RSC's Macbeth).

Read an interview with the cast here.

New episodes every Wednesday, listen on the SOAP network or subscribe on iTunes.

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